What would recovery look like if it was a lifestyle?

We help treatment centers deliver a more engaging and personalized experience. One that deeply understands the patient and helps reprogram the addict mind away from compulsive behavior. After Rehab, we help create lifestyle change through real human connection, greatly reducing the risk of relapse by making sobriety a fun alternative to drug use.

With the ultimate goal of helping addicts not only stay sober but fully reintegrate as thriving members of society.


Giving hope to addicts and their families.


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Reimagining the Rehab Experience

How it Works





Roadmap to Recovery tackles addiction by helping reprogram the addict mind and body. This is done by rewarding positive behavior and focusing on small daily achievements while in treatment, with established long term goals. This helps addicts trust themselves and focuses on reaching inner peace on a daily basis.


inRecovery Connect is our sober lifestyle app which features the Sober Circle, an intelligently assigned team of three members and a leader matched by location, personality traits and risk level. This private, safe group encourages people to be honest, work together, and help make sobriety fun through engaging sober activities. Encouraging major lifestyle change.


Using the inRecovery WATCH and EMMA, our intelligence engine, we monitor the addict 24/7 and personalize the recovery experience. Serving as a suggestion tool that learns and adjusts Therapy Paths to become as unique as the individual in recovery. EMMA keeps track of results and sends alerts when risks are detected.


To help reach daily goal

Smarter Recovery

Powered by You

The inRecovery WATCH continuously tracks vitals, sleep, diet and behavioral data to better understand member's lifestyles.


Notifications are non-intrusive. Simple vibrations when a task is coming up, elegant light indicator for daily progress, and strong alert vibrations when a Sober Circle member needs help.


Pairing with EMMA, our intelligence engine, WATCH provides critical data used to learn about a patient and suggest activities and tools that can help maintain and improve the individual’s recovery process.


Custom therapy via EMMA


When risk is detected


Intelligence Engine for Addiction Therapy

EMMA, Enhanced Machine Medicine for Addiction, is an intelligence engine for personalized therapies in Addiction Treatment.


Using a combination of machine learning and AI, we are able to create personalized therapies using real time data and analytics.



Using data gathered from the inRecovery Platform, members are presented with real time suggestions based on personal data and similar cases within the platform. For example, EMMA might suggest a member go for a 40 minute jog today and two extra CBT tasks, based on lack of physical activity that week and emotional state.


As EMMA learns more about the patient, she continues to personalize the recovery experience. Making it truly unique and tailored to the individual.

EMMA is every therapist's dream assistant. Presenting Therapy Paths based on real time analysis of comparative data gathered throughout the inRecovery platform and providing actionable information in real time.


Simplifying therapist's lives and improving their results by doing complex analysis that would take large support teams days to process. Giving valuable insight into the effectiveness of treatment.

Recovery Blockchain

World’s First Addiction & Mental Health Blockchain

Our Recovery Blockchain creates accurate and trusted records of sobriety will provide much needed data to researchers and aide in social restoration for people in recovery. We aim to reach two core goals: help medical researchers discover more effective treatments for addiction and help restore the lives of addicts through social reintegration.

Learn more about the Recovery Blockchain



Active drug addiction often leads to gaps in employment and negative credit history.


Using the Recovery Blockchain, recovery efforts such as rehab, therapy, exercise, check-in at meetings, volunteering - all can be used to create a Sobriety Report to act as a supplement to the traditional credit system.


Giving recovering addicts a second chance with employers, landlords and lenders.

Our platform will help advance addiction therapies and medical treatments to new levels using EMMA and the Blockchain.


Providing researchers and educational institutions with a powerful analytics and intelligence engine  connected to millions of records of  sobriety and relapse from the inRecovery Platform.


With the goal of helping discover more effective therapies and cures for addiction.

Who we are

Successful entrepreneurs who understand addiction first hand and passionate about recovery.

Proud member of StartupHealth Academy



Serial Entrepreneur with a great track record. Early team member of US Auto Parts (IPO), co-founder of UPrinting.com (VC Acquisition). Grew from small print shop to Inc 500 in 3 years and acquired shortly after by Insight Venture Partners.


Founded eMobileCart, the first mobile commerce platform created for touch screens. Took a bet that we’d be shopping primarily on our smart phones in the future and was right, eMobileCart sold to Magento within 2 years.

Harvard MBA and Serial Entrepreneur. Wall Street innovator who founded Allston Trading which sold to Sequoia Capital in 2005. Later creating high speed trading news syndication technology, Need to Know News LLC which sold to the Deutsche Boerse (German Stock Exchange).


Served as Chairman of the Board of Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and former Trustee of The Hazelden Foundation.

Our Vision

New Frontier for Addiction Therapy and Results Focused Care

inRecovery is more than an addiction recovery platform. It is a vision for the future of addiction treatment.


Our comprehensive addiction recovery platform will help rehabs provide their patients with better care without burden or additional staff. Building patient's confidence by encouraging and rewarding positive behavior. Focusing them on small daily accomplishments towards long term change. We even empower them to provide real-time feedback for therapy sessions and activities, valuable feedback for rehab management and owners which can be used to better understand and improve their programs.


We are here to make the overall rehab experience more efficient for treatment centers and more engaging and effective for patients.


Using Machine Learning and AI, we aim to improve therapies and their results. Eventually, every person in the platform will have a personalized Therapy Path as unique as they are. Therapy Paths that constantly learn and evolve and give real time feedback to therapists, something that has never been available in the treatment industry.

Data collected by our platform will be made available to addiction and mental health researchers. Giving them access to millions of records of recovery patients and helping them discover more effective treatments and cures for addiction. All while maintaining patients identities anonymous.


Our ground breaking Recovery Blockchain becomes the single source of truth for a person's recovery. By housing accurate and untampered records of sobriety that will help move addicts beyond recovery. Serving as a supplement to the traditional credit rating system to help recovering addicts reintegrate and become thriving members of society.


We will disrupt addiction statistics. First by helping rehabs achieve higher engagement and better outcomes. After rehab, helping addicts change their lifestyles and create meaningful human connection. We will be on the forefront of addiction treatment and ultimately help researchers collaborate and discover better treatments, together. But most importantly, we will put the addict first. Restoring their hope for a better life by becoming part of a global movement. The movement of inRecovery.

David Emanuel Sarabia

Founder, inRecovery

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